Refugees wait in the AZC Zutphen in uncertainty

25 aug 2020

The life of refugees in an asylum seekers' center is too hard. The residents live in uncertainty in the asylum seekers' center for far too long. For them it's all about it ...


Destentor News Dutch

22 aug 2020

Ali no longer accepts his aimless existence in the Zutphen asylum seekers' center and calls for a demonstration, which will be held next Tuesday ...


Contactzutphen News

28 jun 2020

ZUTPHEN - They come to the rescue where needed. At the beginning of May, for example, during an outbreak of the corona virus in the asylum seekers' center in Sneek - almost thirty residents ...

Mouth-caps project

Face masks project

02 jun 2020

To do this, we must listen to the guidance and voice of the Holy Spirit within us and ask Him to use us to expand His kingdom ...